A fully digital healthcare experience!

Forget about frustrating searches, long waits and messy paperwork!
Be a part of it!

A fully digital healthcare experience!

Forget about frustrating searches, long waits and messy paperwork!
Be a part of it!

What do your symptoms mean?

Find out in a few minutes instead of endless Google searches.


Struggling to find a specialist?

Pick one from our 5,000+ reviewed doctors.


Struggling with paperwork?

Upload, store, and share your medical records digitally!


Your medical advisor

Get personal recommendations to stay healthy.

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What can I do on this site?
NeoHealth is a comprehensive digital healthcare service provider. Without registration, you can use NeoDoctor, our self-diagnosis tool to easily find out what your symptoms mean by answering a few questions. NeoDoctor also recommends doctors, treatments and lab tests to help you plan your next move to preserve your health. You can also search and book a consultation with your new doctors in person or virtually. If you care for your health and would like to actively preserve it, you can sign up for our member services, including symptom follow ups, file sharing, medical summaries and more.
Is it free?
Yes, all functions of NeoHealth will be free to use in the trial period! There will be fees introduced later for selected services like virtual consultations, but only after we incorporated all feedback from our early users. Don’t worry, we’ll notify you well in advance about these changes and you will still be able to use many of the features for free.
When would the site start to operate?
We plan to open the site to the public in December 2018. If you sign up for the service now, you will receive a notification to be among the first who can try our new portal!
How can I get more info about my symptoms and conditions?
There are several ways to learn about your medical conditions via NeoHealth. It is free to search for any symptom or condition, lab test and read what they mean, how to diagnose and treat them. We connect all of these materials into your journey on NeoHealth: your self-diagnosis, your personalized recommendations and medical records.
How accurate is the self-diagnose service?
The creation, validation and maintenance of the medical knowledge base follows rigorous and well-established procedures. It started with analysing the medical data of tens of thousands of patients and defining relationships between symptoms and conditions by our partner’s medical team. The results were then programmed with artificial intelligence and are regularly reviewed by medical experts. A group of doctors who tested the self-assessment tool found that its accuracy was 93%. This meant that in 93 out of 100 cases the tool’s diagnosis was the same as the doctor’s. Although this is a sophisticated computer algorithm with artificial intelligence, it is not skilled human medical professional. If you experience severe or acute medical problems, we strongly suggest to see a doctor or call 112 as soon as possible.

Feedback from patients who tested NeoHealth

This tool made it so much easier to track my health, documents and appointments. Krystof, 34

I love how easy it was to find out what my symptoms mean and book a doctor right away. Much more convenient than anything I had tried before. Josef, 51

Healthcare is so time consuming. I hope NeoHealth will be able to cut down on time I spend with booking on phone, waiting at the doctor, getting my lab results. Diana, 28

Welcome to NeoHealth! Your health companion will arrive soon.

NeoHealth is currently under construction. Our goal is to bring you the best and simplest tools to prevent, identify and take care of medical problems.